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Gestüt/Finca ,,La Caņada del Robledo"

Holidays on the arabian stud farm deep in the Andalusia

The beautiful, idyllic stationed Finca with 270 ha own land invite for relaxing and riding holidays, far away of the "new tourism"

Centered in a unforgettable landscape you can live the "Finca - life" with us and our horses, sheeps, dogs, goats and all other animals.

The stud farm is also a ideal starting point for trips in the beautiful Andalusia.

The atlantik and important towns like Ronda, Jerez, Sevilla, Cordoba and others are not more then 1 hour away.

We rent2 appartements with own citchen, and/or rooms for 1 or two persons.





Fees 2009:

Appartement for 4 persons
80,- EUR /night

Appartement for 5 persons
90,- EUR/night

rooms for 1/2 persons
25,- EUR/person/night

Boarding possible


You can relax in a baeutiful garden with an bio energetic pool.

Make use of the original landscape for tramping and enjoy the fine andalusian dishes.

Our team is happy to see you!





,,La Caņada del Robledo"

Ulrike Marcik
Apartado 57
E-11650 Villamartin/Cadiz
Mobil: 0034/661 720 011

Download Prospekt (.pdf)

Mail: ulrikemarcik@canada-del-robledo.com


Purebred-Arabian-Stud-Farm "Schieferegg"

1970 First import from Egypt by Gustl Eutermoser

- 4 mares from El Zahraa, Cairo
- 3 mares from Hamdan Stables, Kairo
4 mares from Police Stables, kairo

1971 Import of the stallion Hamdan II, bred by Hamdan Stables. Foundation of our stud farm "Schieferegg" in Austria

1972 Further import from Egypt, 4 mares and 2 stallions, one of them Mehanna, our 2nd important stallion from El Zahraa, Cairo.

1977 Another addition, the mare Isis from Babolna, Hungary.

1980 Renting 4 pure-bred arabian mares and 1 stallion. At the same time we bought six more Purebreds in together with the Austrian-Iranian-Asi-Breeder-Society.

1983 Stud-farm "Schieferegg" consists of the following Purebreds:

4 egyptian mare-lines:

Bint Shahbaa, O.A. (Shahbaa/Gassir)
Mariam, O.A. (Bint Bint Mabrouka/Anter)
Ghada, O.A. Bint Folla/Amlam) & Tohfa, O.A. (Folla/Amlam)
Isis, (Bint Inas/Ibn Galal)

3 egyptian stallions:

Hamdan II, O.A. (Folla/Hamdan)
Mehanna, O.A. (Mouna/Galal)
Habib, (mariam/Hamdan II)

4 iranian mare-lines:

Jezabel, db (Atlassi db/Arras db)
Palmir, db (Aram db/Ajdar db)
Parvin, db (Beigom db/Ajdar db)
Aghagi, db (Alvand db/Ajdar db)

2 iranian stallions:

Jallad, db (Atlassi db/Arras db)
Khamseh, db (Arezoo db/Selim db)

Moving to Spain with 36 pure-bred Arabians in march 1983

Caņada del Robledo:
Since 1983 the stud-farm "Schieferegg" has been located in Andalusia. The finca "La Caņada" in an impressive estate with 270 hectares of pastures, arable land, olive groves and naturally covered hillsides. Here we breed our pure Egyptian and iranian Arab Horses, which enjoy an entirely natural environment. The area and the climate are tough on both, people and horses, and the education of the horses is of great importance. Young stallions and young mares get a basic dressage training when they are between three and four years old. Therefore we breed pure bred Arab horses, which excel in cross country riding. They are robust, powerful, and have not lost the character of a family horse and select our breed from powerful egyptian and iranian blood lines. Our ideas are confirmed with remarkable success in endurance rides.

With organic vegetable and cereal products, stock farming`s and the production of first class, natural virgin-extra-olive oil and the production of excellent milk from the mares, we also offer natural products ... the very essence of the heart of Andalucia.